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Tambola for all occasions
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Prepare to play Tambola

With the ticket(s), hand out a pen/pencil/toothpick to the players to strike the called Numbers/CUEs in their tickets.
Decide the cash-prizes or gifts for the decided winning level. Winning levels can be like:

  • Single Line: the ticket with all numbers struck in any one row.
  • Double Line: the ticket with all numbers struck in any two rows.
  • Full House/Housie/Tambola: the ticket with all its numbers struck

All eligible tickets win prize, not just the first one to complete, not through any lucky draw. ALL ELIGIBLE TICKETS.

Prize suggestions

Single LineA pen, a chocolate bar, key chain, cash prize of approx INR 20/-
Double LineA rubick cube, premium chocolate bar, coffee mug, pencil box, water bottle, cash prize of approx INR 50/-
Full HouseA USB pen drive, a watch, tiffin box, instrument box, coloring kit, calculator, cash prize of approx INR 150/-

You can generously add more prizes, and more ideas to the game, e.g. announce callouts through story-telling.

E.g. "There was 1 raja." (Players should mark 1 in their ticket), "He had 3 daughters." (Players mark 3), etc. It creates more attention as well as fun to the event.

Start Playing Tambola

  • The CALLER needs to pick a Number/CUE without seeing the box/container containing CUEs. The caller generally shakes the box/container containing CUEs before calling next CUE.
  • If a number called by CALLER exists on a player’s ticket, then the player has to strike it.
  • Once a particular Winning level is achieved by a player, he has to claim for it.
  • CALLER has to verify the winning by matching the struck numbers on the ticket with the called out numbers. CALLER then declares if the winning has been successfully claimed.
  • Game ends when all the FULL HOUSEs are successfully CLAIMED.

Prize Control

In order for the prize control to work, you must be using the callouts that are generated corresponding to each game.

Our Mobile App and website has built in callout feature which displays callouts one after another.

These callouts are carefully generated so that you don't run out of prize budget.

If you wish to continue with random picking callouts, you must exclude some numbers from the box/container before you start random picking. If you chose printed tickets, your ticket file already contains the exclusion numbers that should not be called out.